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The Saitama Nihongo Network is a volunteer group that aims to create a network to facilitate the exchange of information among individuals and organizations that provide and support Japanese-language lessons.

To join the network, please fill in the designated application form and fax it to the number below

Annual membership fee (per organization/individual): \1,000
Telephone: 048-421-7129 (Ask for Saito)
Fax: 048-422-3569 (Attn: Saito)
E-mail: (Attn: Okumura)@@
A Ageo Shi Asaka Shi    
C Chichibu Shi      
F Fujimi Shi Fujimino Shi Fujimino Shi (Ex Kamifukuoka Shi) Fujimino Shi (Ex Oimachi)
Fukaya Shi      
H Hanazono-machi Hannou Shi Hanyu Shi Hasuda Shi
Hatogaya Shi Hidaka Shi Higashi-Matsuyama Shi Honjo Shi
I Iruma Shi      
K Kasukabe Shi Kasukabe Shi (Ex-Showamachi) Kawagoe Shi Kawaguchi Shi
Kawashima-machi Kazo Shi Kitamoto Shi Koshigaya Shi
Kounosu Shi Kounosu Shi(Ex-Fukiagemachi) Kuki Shi Kumagaya Shi
M Misato Shi Miyashiro-machi Miyoshi-machi Moroyama-machi
N Niiza Shi      
O Ogawa machi Okegawa Shi    
S Saitama Shi Iwatsuki ku Saitama Shi Kita ku Saitama Shi Minami ku Saitama Shi Minuma ku
Saitama Shi Oomiya ku Saitama Shi Sakura ku Saitama Shi Urawa ku  
Sakado Shi Satte Shi Sayama Shi Shiki Shi
Shiraoka-machi Sooka Shi Sugito-machi  
T Toda Shi Tokorozawa-Shi Tsurugashima-Shi  
W Wako Shi Warabi Shi Washimiya-machi  
Y Yashio Shi Yoriimachi Yoshikawa Shi